I am so happy! Cambodia I am coming! I am coming! Not so soon lar but at least it is confirmed. and this time, I am travelling by MAS. Yes, you hear me right, by MAS. Compare to Air Asia price, if i book now i mean now today, MAS is still cheaper by hundreds. MAS has travel promotion.. guess how much it cost?

Just RM407!!!
So CHEAP!.. Usuall price for unchangeable ticket is RM800+ for changeable tickets is RM1500+.
Hehe wat a good offer i’ve got. Thanks to my travel agent.. sending me the infor so quickly.

So now.. I am going to Bali. In NOVEMBER 2009. hahahhahaha after married I started travel.

Dec 08- Krabi, Thailand
May 09- Bali, Indonesia
Nov 09- Cambodia
kekekkeke.. next destination?
Taiwan.. next year 2010. Perhaps after I give birth If i am to be able to pregnant this year. The earlier i conceive the better. So I can start planning
for next year trip now too. Sure hubby saw this will pening again. What about baby? Just letak my mum’s place lor kan senang..

so happy!

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