We’re Trying

Yep. You heard me right I am trying and I am
very particular with the food and drinks I am having.
Last Sat went to Jimmy’s friend baby fullmoon party.
I ate alot, then Ivy and Jimmy plans to ask Mei Yun
and Mun out for drink. I dunno y, but I am rather
selective of my drinks.

All these, because I know, we’re trying to conceive.
We must lead a healthy lifestyle so that we have
a healthy baby in making. I don’t want any
irresponsible habits that will lead more complications
to the pregnancy if i conceive this month or to the baby.

I know I made the 1st mistake, and I wish not to repeat it

Last Friday, had tea session with hubby and his heng dai.
Hubby smoke 2 ciggi while calvin and man sai continue to
smoke. I actually feel regretted to follow hubby as I
shouldn’t be there, inhaling 2nd hand smoke. Hope hubby
understand and also reduce the ciggi. He smoke only 2
ciggi, I know he has done his best. I just hope he do better.
STOP perhaps? For our future, for the baby, for me..
smoking is not healthy even we trying or not right?

Then Saturday, we went to this German pub and rest, and
the service sucks. Anyway, I did not order any drinks,
just hubby and Jun leong ordered a bottle of beer. I gulp some
of the beer, and then I feel guilty already. We change venue
after that to another pub, and i ordered vanilla shake?!!
what a vanilla shake at a pub, yeah u hear me right. a shake.
totally waste of money, i hope i can go home that time
no need go to pub and inhale 2nd hand smoke again.

Pls pls dun pressure yourself. Baby Making should be FUn.

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