Sex and Pleasure

I wonder how many times per week is healthy? Some couples have it 2-3 times per week,
some only once per month? Once per month seems to be tak cukup but then if the
couples feel its alright then it is as healthy as the rest out there. The most important
is always quality not quantity.

How to achieve quality sex? Sometimes i guess should we have this Quality Check on
the performance? Haha weird? The Quality controller which to decide. Perhaps
Complaint department? Hahahahha.. more weird

When it comes to pleasure… those foreplay..
What foreplay? If my hubby reading this, he must be thinking is it a sign that
I am complaining or is it that I am lack of foreplay?
Some women Lying there like dead fish in the X-rated activity.. but not me.. for god sake
Girls.. go Get up and spank ur hubby please. They would love some wild thing too than
motionless body with bits of moaning (probably fake).

Demand for what you need! Demand for more pleasure..
I want you to do this, do that, no now stop,
slowly, faster, harder no not this way the other way.. more kissing, more caressing, more
exotic stuff.. Yeah.. sounds like too many instructions, but If the man is not selfish
he will do all this.. maybe he’ll be abit exhausted and might even ask you more question
while doing it, but end of the day when we climax.. its all worthwhile..

Hope my hubby agree to me on this. Oh don’t think I give lots of instruction..
He know me so well!! hehe

BTW can I request my SIL to be away for a while? Lots of going on in the room.
Sorry if u hear us..


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