School Holiday 1st week

I didn’t mentioned about our little Niece follow us back from Kuantan on Sunday?
how could did happen? Well its not too late to mention it here, 😛
So yes, the little Jess Shynn cute 13 years old girl.. follow us home after some
push from me while in kuantan inviting her to follow us to KL a day earlier than
the big sister Jess Lynn.

I let her sit in front of the car on the way home, good thing i can have
bigger space at the back and just chill, while she have longer legs so front seat
is much roomier for her and can have quality time with her ah chik a.k.a. my hubby.
Haii.. now they all call me ah Jim already.. kind of use to it already although
still sound weird to me.

1st day in KL? She is left alone in the house, with little food, but SIL manage to
come back in the afternoon to bring her out for Lunch! Must be very happy..
had her lunch at Pasta Zanmai in One Utama, heard that the bill cost RM60++
with bleaking eyes after looking at the bill, she regretted eating there coz its
expensive. So cute.. kinda like her reaction like that. If anyone wants to know
the price of watever items in the supermarket, you can check the price with her
she can remember the pricing and knows which store sells cheaper and have
promotion/sale. Thanks to her daddy training her up to check on the price
on the newspaper everyday/every friday.

Well, i went home in the afternoon too about 3pm and have a change of panty
before went to see the Dr. Mak in Kuchai for Pap Smear. Yeah its time that
i have to get my precious asset checked. Have to wait for a week for the result to
come out and i guess will be today or tomorrow. Hmm still no call from the clinic.

Jess Lynn also came to KL on this day, she followed her grandfather and stay in
Puchong, stranded there till tmr if her ah chik willing to fetch her back to TTDI?

Jess Lynn still in Puchong. As usual we went to work and this day I can go
snake a bit. So I went home during lunch time and bring Shynn go for Lunch.
Gave her a chance to choose.. My elephant (Thai Food), Chicken Rice Sec 17,
Western Food (Food FOundry) and Mama’s Kitchen. She can’t resist Claypot
Lou Si Fun.. so we went for that. Hmm she has been there before. I should have
insisted to bring her to My Elephant.

Dinner time we bring her to Popeye Fast Food Chain before fetch Lynn from
Puchong. But before picking her up, we went to Calvin’s house to get the PS2
for the babies to play. Too bad they can’t play it today as the Joystick is broken.
While at Calvin’s house, Hubby lock me out of the car , apparently I should
go for the toilet but Calvin is not out of the house to open the door, I was left
by Hubby standing outside of the car. He lock all the doors.. and I just kinda
play with hubby and mimick the look of talking out loud with hubby but no
voice from me. Heard from SIL Jess Shynn was trying to help me in the car,
were asking SIL to open the window to heard what i say.. hahah so cute..
thus born the word INSIDER and OUTSIDE..

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