Kuantan Trip 30-31 May 2009

We started our Journey back to Kuantan at about 11am. Kakakka
Discussed with hubby to wake up at 6am, and i did wake up at 7am,
start packing clothes for the wedding dinner in Kuantan, toiletries,
towel, money, ang pow and my burberry bag, coach bag, Lesportsac bag.
Hubby must wonder, why so many bags.. but he never asked.
Guess he come understand bags is also women’s best friend!!

After packing, hubby already wake up and doing some work on the bed,
checking emails, went downstair and steam the fried mee hoon leftover
from yesterday, purposefully cook extra, so no need find breakfast
on Sat morning. On the TV and I watched Martha Stewart on Living!!
Maybe I am auntie, but I love this kind of show, and Rachel Raeys, similar
show but not quite same. Verdict: I love Martha Stewart show more.

After breakfast, we watch the series TrueBlood episode 9, coz Hubby listen
to SIL talking one of the actor the character is different.
He is not him she said. He is somebody else. But she didn’t tell what, so
we try to find out and cheh!!!.. I thought what. He is a NUDIST!!! running
in the jungle every morning. The Nudist culture in this series 😛

On the way to Kuantan, Hubby geram again. I forgot to bring the Tesco Bag
for the frozen Item, coz BIL will help us buy some fresh fish from the market,
then forgot to bring the Tupperware to fill in the Dry seafood. I ordered alot
of dry Seafood from BIL this time, he will help us to buy Small Anchovies, 2 kg
small prawn (har mai) 1/2 kati, small scallops, and Salted fish. Then about water
bottle, hubby boh lat already asked why i didn’t bring the water bottle back
for the journey. Have to buy water.. haii.. can’t my hubby relax? why so tense?
the dry seafood, already vacuum pack, no smell geh ma, then the fish is already
frozen ma, sampai KL also wont melt much, the water, buy 100+ and livita ma,
norm already.. why still bengang with me .. okay.. next time, must do checklist
and ask hubby what to bring.

We reach Kuantan about 1.30pm and had lunch at home. Asam fish cook by
the maid, sucks! shared a rice dumpling with hubby, anyway just one bite.
Hubby had the rest, he even had 1 packet of nasi lemak! OMG, I told him
don’t eat it, he dun listen. Since we have not exercise regularly, and we have not
done any medicall check up, I am worried about both of our Health.
High Cholesterol? High Blood Pressure?, High Urid Acid, all this are so common
among friends our age.. Please please dear hubby. Begging you, please
consider health before continue eating nasi lemak, nasi dagang.

Its Go Pei Li Wedding on 31st May, Chut Mun, just got to know it
during the wedding dinner on Sat night. She invited us to go.
What???? Hmm we didn’t prepare anything. No extra clothes for hubby
for this kind of occasion. Sadly hubby have to wear back the same clothes
he wore during the dinner. Ops next time have to pack extra 1 just in case of
any dinner of apa2 .

Pei Li is Jimmy’s cousin, FIL side.
The One and Only cousin that hubby is close to. One thing in common
for both of us is we were never close to relative and we does not
have big numbers of relative.. strange.. family ties is more important
but relatives whoa.. better stay away.. Well, we reach the brides house 9.30am
after chase by the bride she said to be there 8-9am kekkekke.. have to send
the nieces to church then only go there.

Now the Part!!!.. OUR FIRST CUP OF TEA after married serve by new bride
and groom. We suppose to be higher ranking, so they serve us tea. Jimmy is older
than Pei Li for a year, so is Higher ranking! Hahaha so weird. We aren’t prepared
for this.. RM10 for 1 angpow X 4 .. I know its abit cheap..but sorry lor Pei Li,
we are not prepared.. never thought about it either. Ops forgot to mention,
Pei Li’s father.. has been asking Jimmy why he did not invite him during our
wedding, He is not happy though, and asked for a cup of tea.. saying we owe him.
But what to do now? Its already 6 months past our wedding, how to serve ppl tea
now? susah..

We headed home abt 3.30pm after have lunch .. the bitter fish which BIL accidentally
cook it the wrong way, Kerai fish, the meat is nice like Tofu.. just a bit of bitter taste
due to the ginger..wonder what’s wrong. Did not finish the fish coz its not 100%
cook, maybe the fish is too big. Wow this time our journey home took us 4 hours.
Road Closure from 3 lane to 2 lane then to one lane.. before the Gombak Toll, 40km
traffic jam.. wth!! %#!@*& wasted so much time, and its raining! suppose to reach home
around or before 7pm then can go to Pasar Malam to get the fruits and to Tesco
to get the supplies for nieces.. arghh ruin our plan. Reach home so tired ny.. dinner
also skip lor.

The End- Ciao

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