BALI I wanna come back for u


Aiyah, I brought the Mask to the airport, thought going to use it. I think Malaysian very brave, NO ONE is using it. Aren’t they worried of the  possibilities of the Deadly Virus A? Even Hubby not worried about it, so the mask was left in my Le Sportsac bag for 4 days 3 nights. LOL

I might say, this time around my visit to Bali was better, much better, but I hope to go there again, just stay and eat and sleep in Ubud area.. I love that place. I mean just Ubud.  

This is the 2nd time i go to Bali. My first visit was in Jan 2008 with mum. Paid for a tour here and the tour sucks. The driver and the tour guide damn lazy, lots of places did not bring us, and ripped us off the food.. no Babi Guling, fight with them to bring us eat Dirty Duck in Ubud.. wasted RM200 + for phone bills coz made complaint back to Malaysia. Suckss Hell..
During that time, i really doesn’t like Bali. Feel cheated. And Double Standard. They treated the Ang Mo better and once they heard we’re from Malaysia, they turn on Deaf ears on us, when we enquire.. so much of a complaint I know but thats what we experience with mum.  

Feel bad for her as she doesn’t enjoy it, her first / 2nd overseas trip. I should bring her to someplace else next time. Someplace more friendlier for her.. chinese countries will be better.. like Taiwan or Macau or Hong Kong.  

Ok Back to my recent trip. Well this time around, its a much relax trip.
And this time went with Hubby. Our flight is cheap too RM232 return for 2. Damn Cheap. I made bookings without asking Hubby and let him know the
dates only after I made the payment. Geng leh..  

Okok back to Bali again.. 😛 Once we reach the Denpasar Airport, we book a taxi for Rp70000 so expensive. Almost RM24.50 for a short journey? Ok lar what to expect right? International tourist attraction right? Thanks to all the Kwai Lo Mat Salleh generosity lor…Their money is Big ma..  

Stayed 2 nights in Hard Rock.. Paid for 1 night RM367 and the other night courtesy from somebody ^^ The room is so so only, nothing to shout about except for the Rock and Rolls decor which makes it special. The bed sheet, hmm.. its not wet, and its not dry either. When sleeping on it I feel ‘Sap Hei’. When told Hubby about it, he didn’t notice?!  

Thought staying in Kuta will be fun, but not really, its so crowded there, too many shops, too commerciallize, beach too crowded.. Too many ppl pestering at the beach, temporary tatoo services everywhere on the beach.. not peacefull at all.  

Here’s some pic taken on Day One.


On Day 2 we went on the Tanah Lot Route. Bargain for a Driver cum Avanza for Rp330000. Consider cheap lor. The driver not to say excellent coz no story telling geh, just driver.. not guide a presume so no story telling lor. Went to Tanah Lot, see more temples, go to Uluwatu, Jimbaran and god remember where lah. We had our first Babi Guling at Road side stall which the driver himself has not tried at all. The Road side stall, oh my god, look
so old, so chekai.. We only ordered 1 plate as we just want to try. Scare not nice. But turn out…. So Yummy, spicy, she put lots of fried onion, spices, dried chilli padi, the Babi Guling. Wow.. drooping again.. Miss the taste. Hubby finish most of it, but its okay he is very hungry.

3rd day we check out from Hard Rock and move to Ubud. Booked our stay at Tegal Sari, which is located beside rice field. Once we reach the hotel, we were in awwww… awesome!!! Nice view!!! Nice Room! Great Service! We can have breakfast in bed!! Well not exactly in bed but they will bring the breakfast to our room and we can enjoy the breakfast with breathtaking view of the Padi Field. I particularly like this day. The route is Kintamani. After check in, we went for our lunch at Ibu Oka Babi Guling. The Famous restaurant. And its pack!
We have to share tables.. they can sell as many as 8 adult pig a day and their business usually end about 3pm? Imagine how much money they make each day. Must be super rich fellas.. this Ibu Oka really geng!!!  

After we had our Lunch, unfortunately its raining heavily. We have to wait in the restaurant for more than 30 mins before the rains subsides abit, then our Driver Kedak went to get the car. Ops forgot to mentioned we bought him lunch! while still raining, we continue our tour, we went to see the rice field at Tegalalang (i think that place is called Cendaling).
Another spectacular view, i am already leaping at the beautiful sight, can’t wait to cross the road to get to the side of the road we had a bottle of Bintang Beer there, and enjoy the beer. Swoon…:)  

After Tegalang, we went to Kintamani, the still active volcano and the view of Lake Batur.. then move on to Taman Ayun Temple, Goa Gajah, and actually after we reach Kintamani, we have not intention really to see other temples. Boring dy. We just wanna go back to have DInner and have the rest of the time, walking in Ubud center/ Market. We went for the famous Bebek Bengil Restaurant has the best food there including 10 sticks of Pork Ribs for merely Rp55000 rupiah, Dirty Duck half for Rp63000, then Nasi Campur Bali forgot how much and couple of Ice Lemon Tea.  

After enjoying a wholesome dinner, the sky got so dark already. Its only pm and well it looks like 9pm. We had a walk, for 30 minutes, most of the shop in Ubud already close.. aiyooo… can’t get the best souvenir from Ubud lor.. wat a waste, just a small number of shops is open, had an eye on 2 bags and selling for the price of Rp180-200000. A bit pricy i guess.. its okay.. No need buy, save more cash.  

After walking for a while, our mood for shopping is gone liao, coz its too dark, so we went back to hotel with our purchase from the K shop (grocery store) and bought 2 big bottles of Bintang again with a bag of Lays chips and peanut. We chat a whole lot at night in the hotel, seating outside, with Hubby enjoying his pack of ciggy after getting approval of course. Can’t reject him, let him enjoy lor.. but with some warning at the beginning.. just several sticks not whole pack Please!!! We slept at 12pm and wake up 6am the next day!!  

Must be wondering, what the hell we re doing! Its suppose to be a holiday! Why Wake up so early? Hah!! we wanna enjoy the morning view of the padi field, enjoy the breakfast before going for the spa! Yes.. Spa! Spa Petitenget from Tegal Sari as well. Gee… we have to pamper ourself, relax and enjoy the rest of the time we have in Ubud. What else we do? Spa of Course!!! Can’t miss out of Spa right! For Rp175000 per pax.. with flower bath! We were
REJUNEVATED!! kakakkakka 12pm and its time to head to the airport!!!  

Well, till next time Bali, we will come back for more!!!  



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