I am SICK and

I am sick and my husband is outstation again..
I dunno whether it is a psychological issue but its TRUE..
Whenever my husband is outstation/ travelling I got sick.
Its either, fever, sore throat, stomachache.. anything..
I feel sick when he is not around and most of the time
ITS PROVEN again and again .. If I am not sick
.. I shall say I am blessed..

Yesterday hubby went to SIN again.. yup I am sick..
catch cold.. runny nose.. pop a tablet of clarinase but no
improvement seems, my colleague gave me a tablet of Vit C
I feel better after that, i’ll i can’t go out..missed my
Japanese class need to stay home and oink earlier.

Thinking bout this, although my hubby will worry about me
when he is away, but he is kinda happy too I guess coz
I wont be going out at night, drive to everywhere like
ah lian keluar kampung. Aiyo..

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