Am I lucky or What

Went o TKC party last night at PJ Hilton.
They have this secretary club and they invited all secretaries
to join the party. Amazing they have it in one of their F&B outlet
and its at…

Uncle Chillis … so cool

Reached there at 6.30pm and the place already pack.
I tot they might be serving something like a buffet..but turn out its a cocktail
party which i am not aware of.. so me and my colleagues Jo and Shirli
just grab whatever the waiter bring out of the kitchen and leave them
with empty tray in seconds.. the loveliest food i ever tried are fish ball
with mango in it and fried spring roll with the chicken char siew.. yummy
opss its halal but dunnowhat its call (the spring roll)
the taste like char siew to me.
Not forgetting

  • Red Wines
  • White Wines
  • Beer
  • Fresh orange juice

All Free Flow.. ah ahahahhahahahah

Then comes the itinerary of the night.
they have this food and mingle with secretaries session,
follow by comedian session which i did not concentrate what he
said to make us laugh as we’re too hungry and kept out eyes fixed
at the kitchen and follow the waiter/waitresses and waving at them
like crazy bitch. ops

After the comedian session is the 1st Lucky Draw session with 10 small
prizes ranging from 2 buffet at various F&B outlet in PJ Hilton like
Genji, Toh Yuen and Paya Serai. and one of the biggest prize for the 1st
round of Lucky Draw.. ten ten ten.. the winner is
ME! OMG i can’t believe it. Its the very very item I keep on reminding
my hubby to save the money for.. to buy me for our Anniversary
in July or December.. we haven’t decided yet which date to choose.

Its a

Its a

Its a


White Gold Love Pendant with Diamond made from Italy.

Its so great.
I love it.. and I am so surprise and I feel so lucky!

Now i have to re-think what I want for our anniversary gift or
for my birthday. haha

Then they have Salsa dance.. 3 pairs.. the lady dancers are either
too thin, or meaty or rather old and short. The guys were okay.. but
they dance marvelously I really enjoyed looking at them..
RIght after the dance, comes the singing session by the in-house band
one of the lady singer wore the dress is tight body hugging white dress
with red chilli belt and red chilli stillettos.. stunning.. but the dress is
too small for her as she need to pull the dress quite often..she has got
good voice in a way, and a rather child like voice when she talk i wonder
perhaps she do it purposely.

Jo has been naggin us to go home already by then. . but we still stay
until the 2nd Lucky Draw another 10 bigger prize but none of us won.
9pm and we are heading home already hehe


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