Hot weather

When was the last time it rains? I can’t remember.
It has been hot and humid for the past 1 month or at the very least 3 weeks.
So much of a complaint. When it is raining, the sky looks like 8pm when
its just 4pm and it rains when the office hours end.. hate it, but now no rain?
Its hot. Even after step out from the cold shower, I’ve started to sweat?!

Not forget to mention our home.. OMG.. I can’t stand it.
Its too stuffy and warm and the air are just stale.
Y I said that?
It seems I am the only one at home who will
ON the fan upstair while nobody is there,
and ON the fan in the room when nobody is in
and open the window in the room while the Fan is ON
Open the Sliding door Downstair whenever I am in the living hall,
Open the door at the Yard ..
Perhaps my SIL thinks i am insane.. But I really couldn’t stand it anymore.
Its too hot, even if its not HOT I will still keep the sliding door open
even when its raining..
I wanted all the freash air at home,
Its so stuffy and
One day the house could just have one kind of smell
coz the air is stale..
I don’t understand why my SIL can stand it. Close all
window, close all door and keep herself at home with the Fan ON.
When I asked her, she said to reduce dust? Doesn’t make sense to me.
Lazy to clean and dust the room? The house?

The 3rd room now has one kind of smell, which we can’t get rid of it.
Reason was another girl stay there for almost 2 years without airing
the room, without cleaning the room, without open the window.
That’s why and now I can’t get rid of the smell.. Its not exactly called
odour but i hope the room does not have any smell at all when you walk in.
So thats why i always air my room, clean it, vacuum it, Open the window,

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