Mother’s Day Celebration

This year I received a marvelous invitation from PJ Hilton.
They are having this 25 Yrs Anniversary Promotion for their F&B.
I’ve made bookings at Toh Yuen for my family on 9 May to
celebrate Mother’s day and also ordered a Chocolate Cake from
Cafe Cinno for the price of RM25+. Its so cheap!
Buffet Dim Sum at Toh Yuan @ RM25++ per pax.. I have high
hopes for the food to be mouth savouring..

We reached Toh Yuen at 11.30am, the buffet already started.
How come, I guess maybe they start early as I’ve check with them
the time they are open. Strange.. Here comes my comment and
my family comment for the lunch buffet .

Total Damage: RM250 for 7 pax
(RM6++ for Chinese Tea Per Person- CRAZY)

The buffet spread.. it was suppose to be DIM SUM Buffet but hmm
totally dissapointed with the selections..

Dim Sum Spread
1) Ha Kao
2) Char Siew Bau
3) Steam Fish ball
4) Crab Meat Dim Sum
5) Fu Chuk roll
6) Lotus Leaf Rice
7) Another 1-2 items cannot remember

Cold Dish Spread
1) Char Siew Chicken
2) Century Egg
3) Jelly Fish
4) salad
6) Some vegetarian dishes

Hot Selections
1) Tom Yum soup
2) Sze Chuan Soup
3) Porridge
4) Japanese Tofu in Egg sauce
5) Stir Fried Brocolli
6) Fried Chicken Wing drumstick
7) Fried Prawn
8) Fried Rice
9) Fried Fish Meat
10) Fried Squid

1) Ma Lai Kou
2) Pandan and loh mai
3) Variety of Cake, chocolate cake
4) Varieties of Fruits- Papaya, Watermelon, Pineapple
5) Lotus Biscuit
6) Fried Bun
7) Fried Yam Cake very small round size
8) Almond and Longan dessert-Cold
9) Sea Coconut dessert-Hot (very sweet)

My family commented no choice, not much choice to eat.
So next time, Dim Sum buffet.. we not going lor if got such promotion.
I wonder the International buffet is dunno how.

Ooh we take away the Chocolate cake and have it at my mum’s house
on Sunday 10 May.Suppose for Mother’s Day cake, but
my papa birthday on 19 May so .. ask Papa to cut the cake instead.
After dinner.. first few bites.. it was amazing..
the chocolate not those cheap cheap taste..thank god. But cannot eat
too much of it.. still the cake is thumbs up.

Last night dunno y, Aurora keep on looking at Jimmy as usual. But this time
she cry when Jimmy hold her.. sob like crazy.. hahaha
she is fun to play with now.. already 7 months old lor.. still so tiny.
Feeding her is really lot of work.. and she is really naughty.. so Manja!!

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