Hello again

well well well.. here i am again.. i am home to my blog..
my homely blog..
its been a while i haven’t been blogging.
Hmmm now i kind of regret!!!
I should have blog more often so i can remember what happen from the past 1 month
April 2009? When was it? What happen to me actually?
Let me try to recall it…. What did I do?
I attended a wedding dinner.. obviously oh no thats in End of March
Did i went for a movie @ the Cinema? Oh Yeah .. He’s not that into you @ One Utama
what else?
Went to Tesco for groceries shopping twice!!
Went to One Utama to help Shirley Laubsher’s Beauty Book from Taiwan. All In chinese
so don’t know what’s written except some nice picture with the ingredient of DIY mask.
Oh I have a little spree at Cold Storage Jaya One on April 16.. their Opening.
Tea session with 4Cs (chris, Jiunko, chong and me) at Starbuck Jaya One too
Had dinner with Lim, Chin Chin, Amy in Yik Kee TTDI.
What about with my husband? Just the cinema? ..ah ha.. we went to Jason’s house
for a drink one fine saturday night with Calvin and his new Gf Charlotte.
Before that we had claypot chicken rice at Damansara Utama.. the taste so so..
not as good as before.
Aurora has finally able to sit on her own and she started eating porridge!!
Thank god its time for her to eat porridge.. so she can put on more weight.
What else what else.. hah!!!
we tried to arrange for Medical Check up in Tung Shin Hospital. We still have not done it.
The 1st time we cancelled it coz Jimmy catch cold and coughing
The 2nd time was Jimmy had to go to Singapore on business trip.
Kakakkaka meanwhile when he is in Singapore,
I went out for dinner with colleagues 1 fine evening after work,
with Wei Jun the only guy and the rest of the 5 girls.. in my Avanza.
guess I am really a bad girl,
I had all of them to quit drinking the soup at the Paramount garden
the same chinese stall that got me puking and diarhoera for 2 days.
We ended up at a Hakka restaurant which turn out the food is super good
and reasonably priced.
What a discovery!
And I can’t believe it .. I met and have lunch with Wendy Tham twice this month!!
we went to have Mc Donald and I have finish my money from paying for the deposit
at the photo printing shop in OUG so.. she has to pinjam me RM10 just in case
and also buy me lunch at Mc Donald again!!!! kakakkakakak
The 2nd time we went for lunch was at the Pan Mee shop in Kuchai again. aiyo again
but the pan mee was good.
Oh in April… I’ve started attending Japanese class. Learning simple expressions in
Japanese and Learning and memorizing Hiragana and Katakana! Its so freaking hard
to remember those characters!!!!!!!! After class we surely goes for dinner.. ground
breaking dinner coz those song muis and Jo are really funny!! Laugh until earthquake ah
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