1 Day Klang Valley Trip!!

Today went out at 11.45am with my 2 lovely colleagues or I might say Accidental Partner In Crime. In fact its partial Office Mission we went out.
I ordered a book of Photobook as a gift to my current CEO, Mr. Atsushi Fujimoto with photos of many events he attended with lots of lovely snapshots.
I’ve designed it with the photobook software and email it online. Volunteered to collect it by hand as I wish to make sure I can get the book before the Farewell Dinner which is on 23 March @ PJ Hilton.
So.. We went to Bukit Kemuning to get the book.
We use the Sprint Highway to get to the Federal Highway, paid RM1.50 toll, then drive our way to Plus Highway paid another RM1 toll and then another toll at Shah Alam at RM1.10 and pass by USJ towards Shah Alam, got ourself on the right track I suppose when we saw the Sugar Refinery and got ourself lost ..somewhere.. we were suppose to connect to the Kesas highway we detoured and turn to Litrak instead paid another toll RM 1.60 end up we’re in Puchong! Pass by IOI Mall, went our way down to Kesas highway this time pay another toll RM2.20 and weee!!! we are on the right track again to Bukit Kemuning ahahahhaha.. so from this 1 journey we went from PJ to USJ to Shah Alam to Puchong to pass by Subang and then to Bukit Rimau. After a long search and drive.. we finally reached the Photobook its damn san ka lar place geh.. if you have good directions you may want to try finding that place if not I recommend Don’t Do It or You’ll Regret!!!
After all the hassle.. we went to eat Bak Kut Teh in Klang.. by the time we reach the rest its 14:30 liao.. we were so hungry!!!!! The Bak Kut Teh there is really nice and tasty. I love it. The shop is opposite to Hokkien Association. Name of the shop.. I think is Kei Heong. (Kei means “odd” Heong means “fragrant”. After lunch went to the shop next door, bought some hair treatment product at wholesale price and we quickly head back to office and reach office around 16:30. Wow.. almost whole day gone!!
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