Pregnant Or not?

Today I went to have a quick lunch with my BFF, Wendy in Kuchai Lama.
There’s this Pan Mee Noodle shop called “Tai Siew” I wonder if the name actually means the First Son . Wendy ordered Pan Mee Noodle Soup and I ordered Pan Mee Noodle Soup with Home made Fish ball.
Turn out I finish the whole bowl of the soup, used abt 4 sheets of tissue paper as its really hot inside, their aircond is not working and the wall fan blowing ahead of us, but no wind.I treat Wendy this time.
I know she always pay for my Mc Donalds whenever I go find her, so this time I automatically pay and treat her coz if not she will complaint I am stingy to the max!!!
After lunch, Wendy and I got into the car and drive to the Guardian shop. She said she is too shy to get hers elf the pregnancy test! What the Tutt…. I told her to get it herself. But she force me to go with her. Ok I go in with her.
I have to grab the packets for her, she handed her money to me and I pay for her at the counter while she is just standing beside me.
Wait summo she said the salesgirl from the Guardian was looking at her suspiciously!! hahahahhahahahaha..
I wonder this Wendy.. really One in a Million! Dear Wendy, you already got 1 daughter lar.. why r u shy still?
Hope next time, you will have the courage to go get your own pregnancy test ok! Gambate!!!
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