Valentines Day Celebration 2009

Yey! The first year we celebrate V day after got married. Went for Pre V day dinner at Genji Rest, PJ Hilton on 12 February 2009. Total Damage? RM158 (we just paid RM18 including parking) as we have the Hilton Dinner Voucher kakakkakak

Before the dinner start, as we were seated, i took this pic.
2 waitresses nothing to do yet, coz not many customer at that time. Its still early. We arrive at 18:45.

The Appetizer- Seaweed

Our First dish- Chutamaki Soft Shell Crab RM38 – So Yummy!!!!! Love this

Jimmy On the Phone while waiting for the second dishes- Bento

Still on the phone 😦

While asking him to pose sideway for me to take his photo.. the phone rang again. Look at his face kakakka

This Bento The most expensive that we chose RM95 !!!!!!! With Cod Fish, Salmon & Tuna Sashimi, Prawn Tempura, Dunno wat Chicken, Sushi, Agedashi Tofu,Miso Soup & Rice.

Jimmy says, the portion probably not enough for us.. he was so hungry at that time, but however we chose not to order anymore unless the finish all the food on the table first. Luckily, we did not order.. we were so full!!!

On that nite, so cham my hubby, still have to work.

On The Actual Valentine’s Day. What did we do? First half of the day, we went to a Little girl’s Birthday Party @ Mc Donald Kelana Centre Point, from 12.30- 2.30pm. Eat Mc Donald.

The we head home, and Jimmy continue doing his work.
6pm, we go to One Utama for Dinner @ Yoshinoya rest follow by a movie Pink Panther 2. Its was hilarious and so damn funny. I remember Steve Martin saying this ‘Oh you speak English. Prove it’.
I bought this card with Wendy when we are out for dinner in Mid Valley, 1 month before V day. Hide it in my office drawer until the very V Day. I Love you my Lou Kung Chai. Can you be hornier?

A Ticket to Remember? Hehe

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