Good or Bad

Food poisoning from Wednesday, got better on Thursday, Diarhoera on Friday again, except the puking, then stomach bloating on Sat, Sun, what a special weekend.
I lost 1.5kg good or bad?
My hubby dun believe i ‘m sick, coz i am like singing during the day on Sat but by evening i dun feel good..
I have difficulty in bowel movement and tat sucks. Just had steamboat at home, SIL cooking, and now the stomach so full although i didn’t eat much i felt like puking again. Wind in the stomach perhaps.
Got a lovely 2 joined heart shape quartz from SIL friend who came for the steamboat, Mr and Mrs Lee, said that it was last year christmas gift for us hahaha didn’t have the chance to meet for a while, so busy meh? Like the quartz.. will put it as a decor in the room.
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