Puking Cheryl

Last Tuesday, after dinner with colleagues, went home and had 2 biji mandarin oranges. Then I feel nausea already.
Feel like vomitting.
Feel headache I just couldn’t continue watching the Criminal Mind Season 4 with hubby, I almost slept on the couch.
Went to bed earlier, Hubby going to Singapore tmr, still need to help him pack his bag then off we went to sleep.
Midnite, I feel so bad, struggle to sleep, then off i went to the toilet in full speed.
I am Puking!
Went back to sleep.
Again i wake up @ 1am.. Puke again.
Better i go c the doctor before Jimmy left for Sin or else who is going to bring me?
I puke in the doctor’s dustbin, I puke at the longkang where we park our car when reached home, I puke in the toilet bowl. My toilet bowl is the best location I can find. Perfect for my puking activity coz its so clean. My toilet bowl, free from any odour!!
Thanks to my hubby consistency in cleaning and polishing it.
Have very hard time to sleep and my stomach so pain.. waking up numerous time..
6am Jimmy gave me a good bye kiss.. he is going to Singapore liao. R
ight after he left, I wake up awhile after that and started puking summo, then in and out of the toilet till noon.
I crawl out from the toilet sometimes, as I am almost fainted, i sleep on the bed, on the couch on the floor. Its a bad bad day!!! and my hubby ain’t around..
I am all alone at home..
Poor me!
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