Married Life is Harder

Married Life is Harder but Trials and Errors will Make It Better..
Agree? I dun know, but the person who wrote this is me.. I am the inventor for this phrase not any phrase from dunno who nobel winner, or great singer, or politician or activist or even from any books.. its all original ok..
Well, I wrote the first phrase Married Life Is harder on msn, and my friends are all concerned and ask is there something wrong with me. Yeah there is, coz i had argument with hubby and wasn’t happy with our discussion.. after the argument on msn with hubby, I think and think, I can’t give up my opinion, so does my hubby, we both gave our explanations but still our heart seems to ache. One being sensitive, another one being insensitive.. But we can’t let this petty matter to ruin our feelings to each other, ruin our mood any longer, we must always try and forget and learn and forgive , whatever it takes to make our relationship working and with sparks for the rest of our life together right.. thus born the remaining words ” But Trials and Errors will make It Better” and this phrase ryhme just perfectly!
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