Why is it so hard

Why I wonder One person can take so many roles.
My roles now seems so much much more,
suddenly the reality sets in and I am amazed how i managed.
  1. I am a Wife,
  2. was a Girl Friend,
  3. a Daugther,
  4. a Daughter in Law,
  5. a Sister,
  6. a Friend,
  7. a Best friend,
  8. a Colleague,
  9. an ex Colleague,
  10. Auntie,
  11. Ah jim,
  12. Ah yi,
  13. an employee
  14. and etc which i can’t remember
Its such a headache and heartache when you are trying to please everyone
and then ter-offended someone, or might be they just think you were
treating other better than them.
Why I had such feelings? Just yesterday I had an argument with my hubby.
We were on our way to my mum’s hse for dinner.
When we are on our way my mum sms as usual asking when we going to reach?
Its ok, thats what mum does every now and then.
We were in good moods, my hubby driving slowly,
in fact i find it too slow .. he is driving like 40-60km speed,
and looking at the clock its already 6.45pm. we were just half of our way to mum’s hse.
I open my mouth, just saying to my hubby that we should have a guideline
whenever go back to dinner. Make it like a habit, reaching between 6-6.30pm.
For me its not so much to ask, my reasoning was i doesn’t want my old parents
wait for us for dinner, not to say when my father is hungry he will just
go out for dinner on his own even mamak and not wait.
When this happen, its not whole family eating together.
But its seems, by saying that, my hubby got offended,
he thought I am blaming the ‘late’ to him.
Hey, I am just saying a guideline so that we wont be having this argument.
He said I nag everytime on this.
If we reach mum’s early we never will have such argument.
In order to avoid heaty conversation like this, a guideline will be the best
way to solve it.
I told my hubby i find him dragging the time of going back to my mum’s.
Not to mention, when he is there he just seems distant.
Doesn’t he think that gives bad impression, and also hurt my feelings?
He never knew, that hurts or else he wont be doing it, but he don’t see my point.
Maybe its the way he is brought up, maybe he has been away from home,
maybe its his character, never want to be with family.
Not to say at his house in Kuantan its not a habit to eat together,
even taking rice were not together its like you get your own plate
and you eat your own even seating at the same table?
Maybe I am old thinking, Ah Lian but
I trying my best to be a good daughter, a good wife and good DIL.
A good daughter so that my family feel happy for me, that my husband is always understanding, and never let the old parents worry and wait for the young for dinner, doesn’t need to see us argue, see our temper. A good wife, serving the husband with good food, taking care of his health, wealth and be a soul mate to him, a gf to him all the time, a lover, a friend to him and ease his headache and avoids bad mouthing from relatives and friends, but I think my husband does not need me to do that He will say “I dun care”?
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