Surprise??!! I don’t Like It

Today 2nd day of CNY 2009.
Ox year indeed are not an easy year ..
its full of surprise, why I myself are worried too,
what is /are there going to happen to me or to my loved ones..
My first time celebrating CNY with my in-laws, coz just got married last year.
Its my first time that on the 1st Day of CNY..
I had to eat Malay Food,
so very different with my mum’s side.
I miss my mum’s cooking so much.
My mum usually cook during CNY,
on reunion dinner,
1st day of CNY would be vegetarian day,
2nd day would be finishing those mouth savouring
dishes left from the reunion dinner,
3rd day chicken, soup, vege and noodles usually..
i never had a single malay food during CNY
except mamak food when tea with friends
coz no chinese stall or cafe or rest are open for business during this time.
I miss my family.
Miss my little niece Aurora.
Miss everything in KL.
My bed!!!
I got an sms from my BFF, ” I hope to see you soon”. I am surprise!!
I replied ” Hi how are you? what are you doing now?
is there anything you want to update me?
I may call you”.
She replied ” its ok , i can wait till you come back.
I will think positively”. What? Positively?
I called her.. she asked me whether i received
her previous sms during the CNY eve.
I did not, i think i accidentally deleted the incoming sms so
i didn’t know who send me messages.
Then my BFF told me, her BF broke off with her.
What?!!! Why out of sudden?
I tot they are going to plan for wedding in 2010.
I shock and surprise.
I wish i can be back to KL to console her,
be there for her, my hubby insist not to go back to KL tmr.
He still want to stay in Kuantan until 4th day….
my heart just crash, i am hoping to be back early, but i can’t.
Have to follow hubby..
Just logged on to facebook, my other BFF Wendy,
she got sick during the 1st day of CNY.
Poor her.. then I saw another news.. Julie and Calvin Broke off?
Why? Why? Why all of them like to choose this kind of time to
end their relationship? Start the CNY with new life?
Why during this time?
My feelings now? I am sad.
why all this is happening?
I need to stop here, my hubby is peeping on my blog…
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