OOO : Our Own Orchestra

I received an email today for Feb Month Orchestra Concerts.
I wonder how many Malaysians or even those staying in
this City of Kuala Lumpur/ Petaling Jaya ever attended the
Orchestra at The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra?
I for one had bought a RM20 tickets to just experience the Orchestra. Its my first time and only time, and that was 3 years ago?
I went on 13 March 2005.
I remember this date to well because on that day, was Wendy’s wedding.
I attended the Orchestra with my Best Friend before going for the Wedding. Hehe..
Kill two birds with one stone.
Back to the Orchestra.
I can say, until now I still miss the experience or entering the magnificent hall,
its so Grandeur, although I dun understand what the Sopranos are singing
their lungs out, but I do enjoy it.
The Music, looking at the Musicians (finding the handsome ones)
and them playing their instruments.. all these has left me a wonderful experience.
When listening to the music, its so heavenly.. I feel happy..
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