Career & Money

I always have this thought.
Career or Money?
Or Career & Money?
Or Money?
Or Career?
When I’m working with my previous Japanese firm, the day past so fast,
although i knew that I can get higher pay out there in some other firm,
but I did not put up a real effort to go find a job.
Not that I dun like to have a better career or earn good money,
its because I like what I am doing then,
although most of the time I am quite free,
I still do lots of work and I do learn some new skills there.
Most importantly, what is make me stay was the Happy time I always have,
which I treasure so much.
I have one lovely colleague Wendy which I think the only person can stand
my mood swing, my attitude and still take good care of me.
Truly a very friendly gal.
She is the Best of Colleague and now
Ex-colleague and Friend that I ever have.
Not forgetting my all friendly and good Japanese boss and ex-bosses.
After that starting April 2008, I am in a whole new working environment.
Still a Japanese firm, but much bigger office in Malaysia. But its so different.
Office Politics are minimal, however, my work there, I have nothing to learn..
I mean until this moment. My job description was easy peasy for me.
Almost most of the time, I feel useless there. I feel no contentment in Job..
means no Job Satisfaction. But working here whats best is, its near to my home,
the benefits are good, apart of working damn long hours, there’s not much
pressure for me. BUT.. I am getting nowhere here.
If I were planning to retire here.. which will be another 25 years from now,
its kind of abit too early to plan for that. Thus, I will have to change job.
But changing job.. OMG i hate interviews with those IQ questions,
Matemathic Questions, Personality Test and Face to Face Interview,
1st Interview, 2nd Interview, Probation, Confirmation.. the whole process just
make me sick. Working at my current firm, with the work capacity,
I know surely one day I will be outdated. Underperform, under trained,
not advancing.. and will make it difficult for my future.
Back to future.. how can I secure a good employment in the future?
I need to advance.. I need upgrade myself. But am I going to continue
working in office or shall I venture to some online businesses? All Questions????
How How How..
I need to find something to do. I guess having an online business is a great idea.
What do I sell? What can I offer?
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