Valentines Day

Valentines Day. I never had a real Romantica Valentine Celebration. Last Year Valentine was celebrated with another couple, Calvin and Julie @ The Apartment KLCC, during that time, I just had a discussion with the PIC from The Apartment about having our wedding dinner there. So since I am working @ Megan Avenue, and Jimmy was working @ Megan Avenue too, so its pretty near to have dinner there. Their set menus are rather cheap, but come to food, its portion too small for me lor.. But I am surprise that Jimmy agree to have dinner there on that day. So Happy.. Still remember that moment.

Anyway, i wonder wats gonna happen this year Valentine. Hubby not Romantic Man. Neither he ever get me any Valentine gift. He said its all the Marketing gimmick for us to part with our money. Its true. Love need to be nurtured, a Lasting Marriage needs more effort to be nurtured and to be strong. I guess this day, Valentine Day is a reminder for us, to remember our love ones and appreciate them.

But hor in my mind, frankly speaking, Valentine is the time to receive gift and surprises but unluckily I dun think I will get any of it. Surprise? My hubby will said F**k Off, Gift? well he’ll lecture me. Therefore, dun ask any of it, means PEACE. Anyhow, Valentine wasn’t that important to me. Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary, Thats what we Call IMPORTANT !!!!! If Hubby forget, I’m going to chop off his head! Opps.. I wasn’t that fierce… hehe

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