Chinese New Year 2009

I feel so awkward today. Go toilet make business 2 times jor.. then feel like my period suppose to come but not yet come, now is like waiting for it to come jek. Faster lar period, I hope it arrive today. Then during Chinese New Year not so sanfu.

This year Chinese New Year @ hubby’s hometown in Kuantan. Not so looking forward to it, cause i feel my parents there should be very quiet and lonely. I have pui them 30years, sure my parents will feel awkward too. I will surely miss mum’s cooking, and miss her scolding during the CNY eve, coz always she so busy but nobody help her enough.

Suddenly thought, more children at home will be better, always lively. But when argue also very noisy. Hubby says coming back to KL on the 4th day of CNY, tats like wow 6 days in Kuantan? Do what? Hope can come back earlier, and meet my friends here or go play with Aurora.
Miss her so much. She is so cute!!!

Smart little girl.. ang gu gu..

The basket with Mandarin oranges

Chinese New Year Stuff for family and relatives

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