This morning, I wear my usual mini small black skirt with a sleeveless black blouse to work. After I finish with my make up and on my way downstair. OMG.. my skirt so tight! My tummy shows so obviously. I look preggie, wish i wish but i am not. If preggie.. i can give the excuses to everyone who points to my tummy and i can proudly say I am pregnant ma.. thats baby bum. But I am not pregnant. I have put on Weight means more FAT in my body, below my epidermis, more stubborn fat following me everywhere, every minute every second miliseconds.. I feel so heavy suddenly.
Actually I dun mind putting on some pounds, my boobs look bigger, but not my tummy u idiot. transport those fat to the parts which needed the fat more than my tummy! if only my body knows what i want, no slimming centre can flourish then.
Why, why.. just after i have forgotten of the fatness and my big tummy, my colleague ask me bluntly.. mind you he is a guy and he asked.. You put on weight ah.. shit.. what you expect me to answer you moron? I admit, I am fat dy.. great.. my hubby has been complaining.. i dun feel it that much coz he saw me without my clothes on so.. sure my tummy looks bigger.. but now my colleague point it out.. now i am in the warning zone. RED alert! RED alert.
Hey I put on weight .. doesn’t mean i am not pretty.. but.. pretty with some yuckie unhealthiness in me.. WE (coz my hubby oso put on weight) Must stay healthy. So in order for that, have to exercise more, eat healthily, no more fortnightly nasi lemak, supper, sup kambing lor, and overcook meals.
Some may think, i am condemning fat.. actually i am not. its just tat like what the radio always say as our waistline grows ..we tend to be stressful, our happiness level drop, prone to heart attack and also diabetes.. in fact i find it so true. and i need to diet so that i dun have to buy more and more clothes to fit my growing size.. its a waste.. i can’t fit in my clothes, i am so sad by thinking of it.
save me.
save my hubby.
save our waistline.
save the world
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