What Am I Gonna Do

Before my wedding is over, i am so busy.. and keep on complaining to my friend, i haven’t done this, i haven’t done that, i must do this and do that. That friend of mine told me hey dun complain as after the wedding, you does not have much to do.

So.. I thought, after wedding I will plan Things To DO..
Now what .. what are the ‘Things’ that i have to do and wants to do?
OMG.. I dunno what to do

Ideas? Ideas? Now I am worried . What can I do that doesn’t need alot of money? or even can make money? Ya lar.. i am money minded 🙂 who’s not? tell me tell me? No lar. I just want to save more money so can travel more can have a better future .. saving money is good okay!!!
But my hubby know me too well, I save 10cents from supermarket but I spend RM100 on the same day for unnecessary. (My hubby sure pui hau sui when I say that I want to save money, coz he know i am shopaholic. He warned me today not go shopping, tmr i go, I wish him all the luck for his future lor)

Back to the ideas? What to do?

  1. 1) Blogging (now doing lor)
  2. 2) Cooking (aiyo that one do at my leisure time geh, altho i am quite lazy to cook, when i cook i overcook pulak)
  3. Make baby ah? I hope can but hor now is honeymoon time mah.. later but surely
  4. What Else!!! ^%#&$*@ I am cracking my head but i have no idea

God Bless ME

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