I want to be a blogger too. Whats wrong?

I have dwelled on being a responsible blogger for over a year. The first blog I created in 2008 I forgot what’s the title. The 2nd blog i’ve created not long after that.. whats the name again?
New Year new resolutions, so does new year with new blog? Year 2009, my 3rd blog was Kissing Health created last Monday 6th Jan, 4th Blog Kiss The Brides created last Thursday, 8th Jan and guess what another one which i’ve created today is this Mrs Homely.
Am I the only person on earth who keeps on creating blog, and not just bloged, The forgotten blogs?( Hmm good Idea i should have another blog talking about the Forgotten Blogs ) OR just, I am damn frickle minded, I wanted to have a blog on health, then a blog on wedding, and a blog about my nest, my ideal ideas and quest of happy marriage life, with the hope my hubby will play his part of become a great husband, good provider, good listener, great partner, good food tester, sperm factory and “performer” for the baby making?, good.anything and everything which i dunno wats tat yet…yeah a hubby who agrees to me whenever i say i want to go holidaying whenever i see any travel channel on astro watsoever? Eventho i have no money at all?
Sh*t.. new Ideas.. a blog about The Forgotten Blogs.. great I’ve added to the statistic of 4 forgotten blogs now If I am to have the new blog account again. Help! I am not blogging material, but why do i have this disease of having so many blogs which i never will remember in another weeks or months? Too Bad .. my appologies to my forgotten blogs .. I’ll pray for your rise.. not.


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